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4 Ways Independent Website Analysis Can End Up Misleading You

In the quest to get the best website possible, we often turn to independent website analysts. While these companies will provide you with an audit of your site and a grade for how it performs on specific criteria, it’s less helpful than it seems. This information, devoid of context, can mislead as often as it informs, leaving you with a distorted idea of how effective your site is. Here are four ways that website analysis can end up misleading you.

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Search Valet | Master Your Site’s Search Tool

Whether you’re searching for a specific car or a certain trim on a dealership’s site, nobody wants to re-type the vehicle name multiple times to get accurate results. By the time a customer reaches the search results page, their patience is already stretched thin. Far too many dealers have been subject to poorly designed search widgets that lead to a poor user experience. Shoppers are presented with a search box that requires an exact match of the search term to the description of the inventory to return results, does not display suggestions, and fails to exhibit machine-learning technologies leaving them to type and pray that any inventory is returned at all. Continue Reading

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