Product Release

Winter 2024

DealerOn: Always Innovating

The auto industry is buzzing with excitement after our incredible NADA show in Las Vegas. Dealers witnessed the unveiling of Signals, our groundbreaking website personalization platform. We showcased the stellar new upgrades and features for Cosmos, the ultimate dealership website platform. Plus, get ready for a powerhouse alliance with Stream Companies, the leading Advertising Agency for dealerships.

Winter Product Release 2024

New Products, Features & Partnership Announcements


A personalized online showroom for every visitor.

Deliver highly targeted and relevant offers based on your shopper's individual history, behaviors and interests.


Multi-page Targeting

Target messaging on several website locations and guide shoppers to offers tailored to their needs.


Smart Audiences

Categorize users into audiences without relying on third-party cookies.

Signals - Screenshot of signals personalization website example

A personalized online showroom for every visitor.

Deliver highly targeted and relevant offers based on your shopper's individual history, behaviors and interests.


See Signals in Action

With DealerOn Signals, your site dynamically responds to customer preferences in real-time, guiding them seamlessly towards a purchase. Say goodbye to intrusive methods; instead, embrace a tailored shopping experience that exceeds customer expectations.

Watch the video below to see how the all-new Signals uses your first-party data to transform your website into a personalization powerhouse.

Stream DealerOn in Partnership
We’ve forged a strategic alliance with Stream Companies, the premier Advertising Agency for automotive dealers. Our companies together will deliver a unified marketing solution that streamlines the client experience and drives conversion focused innovation while maximizing dealer profits.

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Dealer Feedback Driven Improvements

SRP Enhancements

The best Search Results Page in automotive just got better with the addition of optional features designed to create a more efficient vehicle shopping experience for your customers.

Watch the video below to see how these new features improve the vehicle shopping experience.

Real-time Filtering icon
Real-time Dynamic Filtering

The new SRPs improve the shopping experience while retaining the SEO advantages of standard website pagination. When visitors search for specific features, specifying type of vehicle, color, or even features like leather seats, the search results update in real time, eliminating the need for extra clicks.

Infinite Scroll icon
Infinite Scroll

Enables seamless viewing of car listings by eliminating the need to click a link for a new page. This features dynamic loading and eliminates pagination. In other words, it makes browsing many listings much easier. Traditional navigation is still an option for those who prefer it.

Zero Search Results icon
Zero Filter Results Behavior

Our enhanced SRP can now hide any filter options that are not currently available for that users set of vehicle search parameters. This option improves the shopping experience by allowing them to focus on only the available options for their vehicle search.

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