The future of car buying has arrived.



Cosmos offers a unique suite of applications designed to meet shoppers’ exact needs. Making the reliance on third party add-ons and digital agencies a thing of the past.



Connect manufacturer data with your website, Cosmos automates all your critical online dealership functions. Create and sync specials, update your business profiles, generate creative and landing pages, without ever leaving your website.



Allow the consumer to decide what type of buyer they are via a guided experience that gives them the ability to choose where, how, and what to buy based on their specific needs without any surprises.

Advanced Homepage Shopping Widget

Allow consumers to shop the way they want - either by vehicle, price or monthly payments.

Intuitive VDP Design (Vehicle Details Page)

Allows for seamless 360-degree spin integrations with market leaders like SpinCar®, a brand-new photo and information viewing experience and a gallery that rivals the current omni-channel leaders in the space.

Shopper-friendly SRP Design (Search Results Page)

Offers a clear emphasis on photography and pricing and introduces a host of new features like grid view, search by budget, in-line photo gallery and quick view drawer.

Price Transparency & Consumer Trust

Build trust with your shoppers by highlighting lease and finance payments on your price stack while gracefully leading them to your digital retailing experience.

Native eCommerce Experience

Cosmos includes multiple built-in platforms that work seamlessly to provide users with a fast, engaging experience.

Apex Digital Retail

A native customer-first eCommerce technology designed to allow shoppers browsing your inventory to instantly design a payment plan tailored to their needs. Its unique interface creates a transparent shopping process between you and your customers that fosters trust and speeds up the car buying process. Learn More

Cyrus Digital Assistant

Cyrus is DealerOn’s solution to digital engagement, built with our partners at Pypestream. For shoppers who need assistance, Cyrus provides conversational engagement throughout your website. For dealers who want to transform their website into a conversational platform, Cyrus is a high-quality AI and automation solution that seamlessly connects with shoppers throughout their entire website experience helping them shop for a vehicle, value their trade, and schedule service appointments. Learn More

Listings Manager

Quickly and easily manage all of your critical business listings simultaneously directly from the DealerOn website platform. By connecting the DealerOn platform to listings services like Google Business Profile, updates to hours and other vital business information is seamlessly reflected across your entire online presence with a few clicks of a button. Learn More

Symphony Automation Bundle

Create digital marketing harmony with every aspect of your dealership’s digital presence. The Symphony Automation Suite automatically calculates specials and syndicates them to key marketing channels such as Google Ads, Facebook, and Google Business profiles saving time and money while creating a seamless consumer experience for your customers. Learn More

Beacon Reporting (Powered By Google Analytics)

Your data and information nerve center built on Google GA 360 and other cloud-based reporting technologies. Quickly access a host of reports including website and advertising performance, inventory merchandising reports, and ROI reporting to see a cost-benefit analysis of your spend in any given month. Learn More

Lead Driver

Lead Driver is a highly effective, non-intrusive way to target potential customers on both mobile and desktop. It’s a popup, not an ad, so it won’t be blocked by ad-blockers. You can customize the offer to meet your needs. Whether you want to offer $500 off of new vehicles, provide a special discount for service orders, or provide nearly any kind of offer to entice your site visitors to submit a lead. Learn More


Custom vehicle ordering integrated directly into your DealerOn website, customers can launch the vehicle ordering process right from the homepage of your website, or from the search results page when they don’t find that elusive vehicle they’ve been searching for. Order-a-vehicle is designed to create a win-win solution for your customers and your dealership. Customers find what they’re looking for and you keep them engaged on your site, and away from your competition. Learn More


Harness the power of payments directly on your site. PriceStak Payments allows you to showcase lease, cash, and finance offers for every vehicle in your inventory. Already have a digital retailing tool? Don’t worry we have you covered, PriceStak Payment can match calculations with any existing digital retailing provider, creating a seamless shopping experience for your customers.


Entice your customers to send leads and re-engage in meaningful ways across your website. Shoppers can quickly share vehicles via text with friends or family, download coupons or loyalty offers to their Google or Apple Wallet and request a price drop alert when there is a change in the vehicle’s price.

Design Studio

Design Studio is an integrated DealerOn application that allows retailers to generate beautiful agency quality creative without the cost. Design Studio employs an easy to use drag and drop interface that allows retailers to select from hundreds of pre-built templates that can be customized to their needs. Retailers can also have custom templates designed and uploaded for their dealerships to build banners and other image-based creative.

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