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DealerOn and Stream Companies Announce Strategic Alliance

By January 26, 2024Press Release
Stream + DealerOn Partnership Announcement
Stream + DealerOn Partnership Announcement

The companies together will deliver a unified solution that streamlines the client experience and drives conversion focused innovation while maximizing dealer profits.

Stream + DealerOn Partnership Announcement

DealerOn and Stream Companies Announce Strategic Alliance, Launch Unrivaled Suite of Integrated Products and Services Anchored by a Premier Connected Client Experience

The companies together will deliver a unified solution that streamlines the client experience and drives conversion focused innovation while maximizing dealer profits.


DealerOn, a leading provider of websites and sales and marketing enablement technology tailored for automotive dealerships, has joined forces with Stream, a leading full-service, fully integrated, AdTech-enabled advertising agency. Today, the two companies are excited to unveil a comprehensive and strategic partnership that will redefine the landscape of support, advertising, search, website technology, and leverage Stream’s expertise in full-service agency offerings. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in delivering a unified solution to meet the diverse needs of automotive dealerships.

“The market is overwhelmed with countless vendors offering siloed marketing solutions with poor customer experience, a lack of integration, and misinformation surrounding digital advertising and AdTech. The noise became too loud to ignore and a problem we needed to solve urgently,” said David Regn, co-founder, and CEO of Stream Companies. “Car dealers are busy enough running their business; forcing them to work with fragmented technology and asking them to also assemble and coordinate conflicting and often combatting vendors with limited offerings, is both impractical and ineffective.”

Through this Alliance, DealerOn and Stream Companies are laying the groundwork to deliver the unified solution that car dealers need. The key immediate deliverables from this Alliance are:

  1. Stream has been named the preferred provider for agency services to DealerOn’s clients, and DealerOn has been named the preferred provider for website technology to Stream’s clients.
  2. Unified, integrated teams, with a client-centered mindset and simplified client engagement
  3. Provide DealerOn and Stream clients with access to advanced website and conversion technology, powered by patented technology.
  4. Jointly provide a true omni-channel solution from full-service agency offerings such as strategy, branding, creative design, video production, media planning, SEO, search, and data-driven consultation to access to the complete array of available traditional and digital media channels.
  5. Developing new and innovative marketing technologies in partnership with one another.

“DealerOn and Stream Companies working in alignment to offer a full omni-channel marketing solution, spanning websites, direct marketing, digital marketing, and a full suite of agency services, is the marketing dream team,” said Ali Amirrezvani, co-founder, and CEO of DealerOn. “This partnership has been more than a year in the making and we’re hitting the ground running by introducing our first integrated offering,” continued Amirrezvani.

The companies are integrating key business systems to provide a single, collective view of the dealer to the teams responsible for the service of the customer. This gives these customers the benefit of coordinated service, consulting, and strategic planning through a single point of contact who is trained on both company’s products and is in turn supported by DealerOn and Stream specialist teams.

“Delivering a coordinated, unified sales and service experience to our joint customers is enormously important, but frankly it wasn’t enough,” said Regn. “We needed to show more proof in the pudding, and that’s why we’re enormously proud that with this announcement we’re also delivering the first integration between our two technology teams as part of our DealerOn Signals launch,” continued Amirrezvani.

The first product delivered through this partnership is an integration with Signals, DealerOn’s newly launched website personalization technology. In concert with Stream’s 1 party data media activation solution, providing dealer management system (DMS) audience generation and marketing activation. Signals will automatically personalize the website experience for every shopper based on their on and off-site behaviors. This finally brings to life the promise of a vehicle shopping experience that truly adapted to the unique needs of each individual shopper.

Signals will be unveiled at the 2024 National Automobile Dealer Association Conference and Expo, February 1 – 4 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About DealerOn:
DealerOn is the premier provider of automotive marketing technology, supporting over 5000 dealerships across the United States, Mexico, and South America from its headquarters in Rockville, MD. The company is dedicated to delivering exceptional digital marketing performance to its clients.

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About Stream Companies:
Stream Companies is a full-service, fully integrated, tech-enabled advertising agency. With over 27 years of continued growth and experience in advertising and digital marketing, Stream Companies uses a data-driven and solutions-oriented approach to deliver retail traffic and results to businesses across the U.S. Stream has earned numerous accolades of Inc. 5000, Best Companies to Work For, Healthiest Employer, and more and has partnered with over 2,000 businesses in numerous industries, including automotive, education, healthcare, and finance. Automotive clients include some of the biggest publicly and privately-owned companies in the United States.

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