Get a winning paid search strategy and start seeing results from your advertising budget. From PPC campaigns to retargeting to display advertising, we help you make all of the right moves to drive more traffic to your site and generate more leads.


Digital advertising that goes far beyond traditional Automotive PPC

Switch to DealerOn and boost your digital advertising leads by 25%, guaranteed, regardless of prior provider. We cover all of the bases with PPC, SEM, display, remarketing, paid social, and video ads.

Track down to the sale

We’re redefining transparency. Being a DealerOn website and digital advertising customer means that you will be able to have a clear window into your leads. You will receive a full list of phone calls and form submissions that you can track down to the sale with your CRM or DMS.

Market-driven campaign strategy

We partner with you to understand your inventory and market monthly. We also use data from Experian to get a grasp on what’s moving and what isn’t. That way, we’re always generating relevant market-driven campaign strategy with a no-money-wasted philosophy.

No cookie-cutter setups

We take boutique to a higher level. Your account strategists work with you to customize ad copy, display creative, and your targeting strategy on a weekly basis.

Exceptional customer service

Our account strategists only manage 35-40 accounts vs our competitors who manage 60+ accounts per person. A low account to rep ratio allows for qualitatively better personalization and service. You will receive weekly updates on changes made to the account. A call once a month at a minimum or per your choosing and ready assistance when you need it.


Increase in leads guaranteed

We’ve spent countless hours making and perfecting our digital advertising craft and have full confidence that you’ll see significant results if you switch to us. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to deliver that we guarantee that your digital advertising lead volume will increase by 25%.

Reach your audience across a variety of channels

Reach potential customers through key digital advertising channels to boost leads and sell more cars.


Serve high-performance, text-based ads which are precisely targeted to specific keywords and locations to provide relevant offers to shoppers who are searching on Google or Bing.

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Display / Remarketing

Display advertising lets you reach audiences by interest / demographic using visual creatives. Take advantage of remarketing features to target specifically those shoppers who have previously visited your site.

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Facebook / Social

Taking advantage of social media advertising is a great way to get your message across in a highly targetable and trackable alternative to traditional SEM and display advertising.

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YouTube / Video

Video pre-roll is a great way to promote your brand as well as specific offers to potential customers as they enjoy video content on Youtube.

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