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An Easy, Step-by-Step Plan for Local Link Building


Last month, my column over in Search Engine Land focused on tactical strategies for building local links. It’s easy enough to have the theory down, or even know where you want to draw your local links from, but I’ve had a lot of people asking an even […]

Stop tracking keywords… Start tracking impressions


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we continue the discussion we started a few weeks ago with our video that talked about customers using different terms to search for dealerships. Once again, we point out that your customers are seeing different search results than what you’re seeing in your rank tracker.

Instead of obsessing over the ranking results, you should start tracking your search impressions. Check out this week’s video for details on how to do it, and why it’s a better gauge for SEO success.


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Stop abusing your H1 headings


Lately, we’ve seen an alarming number of dealership websites incorrectly using H1 headings – or flat out abusing them. In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we talk about how you SHOULD be using your H1 headings. We share several examples of H1 abuse that we’ve seen lately, and we show you how to check your own site for these errors.


Customers don’t search for you the way you think they do


In this week’s video, the Beard is back up on his soapbox… Far too often, dealers forget that customers don’t search for them the way that they think they search. It’s easy to get obsessive over ranking reports, but ranking reports don’t really show you a true view of how you show up in local searches. It’s also important to understand which keywords to monitor, so you’re not getting lost in tracking keywords you’ll never be able to show up for.

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View From the Top: SEO Signals

View From the Top: SEO Signals

SEO Is Not a Project – It’s All of Them

I want to talk about SEO from a bit of a high level. I share a lot of specific tips & strategies for boosting specific signals for your dealership, but today we’re going to take a step back. A lot of people are disappointed in their SEO efforts because they’re thinking of it as a project with a start and an end date – like a radio ad or a billboard – where the costs are predictable and they’re buying something specific. […]

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