Are you missing out on hot leads from your GMB listing?

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In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, I share the results of our research into the new Questions and Answers section on Google My Business. Check it out to see the breakdown of questions categories – you’ll be shocked to see how many hot leads go completely ignored! You’ll watch this video and then rush over to your GMB listing to see what you’ve missed…

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4 Google Ranking Factors You Probably Aren’t Aware Of

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There are over 200 ranking factors that make up the organic search algorithm; and while Google doesn’t come right out and tell us what all of them are, experimenting with various elements of optimization is how we learn more about how sites best perform in search. Most of us are very aware of some of the biggest factors, including: keyword placement throughout your website, healthy backlink profiles, presence of a verified Google My Business listing, etc.; but what about some of the more obscure search engine ranking factors? How do we optimize for the unknown? To answer this question, we are going to break down four ranking factors in Google’s algorithm you probably aren’t aware of. Continue Reading