Google’s new mobile PPC ad type – and what it means for you


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we’re talking about Google’s new (kinda) mobile model ads. While they were “released” a little over a year ago, they weren’t really showing up for quite a while, but now they’ve been re-introduced and they’re out in full force.

The ads feature a swipeable image carousel with captions, as well as several call-to-action buttons. This week’s video points out the important way that dealerships should be updating their PPC strategies to work well with these ad types.

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What’s up with Google’s Mobile First Index?


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop, we share more information about Google’s impending Mobile First Index. I was up in Seattle last week for SMX Advanced, one of the top digital marketing conferences in the country, and I say in on a session about the upcoming update.

A Google representative shared several important tidbits about the update, including when we should expect it and what’s going to be changing. Check out the video for all the details.

Do you have hidden content on your home page?


Does your website’s home page have content that’s hidden behind a “read more” link? That’s actually really bad… Watch this week’s video to learn why – and get your site updated as soon as possible!

Massive fine for fake reviews


This week’s video shares the terrifying story of a dealership group in California that was recently fined $3.6 million for fake reviews. Don’t get caught posting fake reviews, or even influencing what customers write in their reviews – watch and learn more…

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Advanced SEO Presentation from Brighton SEO


This week’s Wednesday Workshop video is an awesome one… I was in the UK last month, speaking at one of the biggest SEO conferences in the world. For the first time ever, I did a horror movie theme for the presentation, and it turned out ridiculously awesome.

So, kick back – this week’s video is […]

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