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Level Up Your Leads

By November 2, 2022Strategy, Video
Level Up Your Leads
Level Up Your Leads

There’s a better way to generate leads on your dealership website. Watch this video to find out how gamifying your website takes your lead generation to the next level.


Welcome to Level Up Your Leads presented by DealerOn.

The modern shopper is savvy and only getting savvier, so getting leads isn’t as easy as it used to be. Reliably building leads requires engaging customers in a way they want. Overwhelmingly, gamifying the process produces better results than simply asking for the information.

According to a study by CarGurus, over 42% of shoppers surveyed said they wished they could see their monthly payment before visiting a dealership. Combining this desire with gamification gives you DealerOn’s revolutionary new digital marketing solution: Apex.

Using a subtler approach by gamifying the process of submitting a lead, Apex is a native application built right into your websites. With Apex, a customer can browse your entire inventory and design a payment plan that works for them. Apex includes everything from customizing credit scores to down payments and terms to accessories and warranties, producing an accurate price that your customers will understand.

At every step, Apex prompts your customers for more information, which steadily builds a lead. Before they know it, they’ve given you a lead so detailed it takes only a minimal effort to close the sale. They get transparency, options, and a gamified approach, and you get valuable lead data in return.

Chat programs are a wonderful way to help pre-qualify your leads by separating tire-kickers from motivated customers.

Cyrus, DealerOn’s new digital assistant, allows customers to get top notch support whenever they want it. Whether it’s inquiries about specific cars in your inventory, your special offers, scheduling service appointments, or directions to your showroom, Cyrus is ready 24//7.

Not only that, but Cyrus guides engaged users via a series of decision-tree style interactions. Each question gathers lead data gracefully, so that customers aren’t even aware of the process. Customers will never feel as though Cyrus is intruding or pumping them for information. This comfortable exchange establishes trust with your customer and gives you valuable lead information.

Apex and Cyrus are designed to meet the stated desires of the modern shopper. By gamifying the process of lead-building and placing it within other important processes, customers are far more likely to engage and give you quality, actionable leads.

When you’re ready to see firsthand how these high-quality lead generating applications can boost your lead quality, head over to, schedule your demo, and we’ll be happy to give you a personal tour of our lead generation applications.

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