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Site Search: To Filter or Not to Filter?

Site Search: To Filter or Not to Filter?

Let’s be upfront about this: I advocate filtered site search as opposed to free form search, and here’s why.

When it comes to finding things on your website, your customers are either clicking buttons or using a search box. This is true whether you sell cars, cookies, or clothes. Nearly every single person on your website looking for a particular vehicle will either click on the “New” or “Used” buttons that you (hopefully) have in your navigation bar, or they’re mousing over to the search box and manually typing it in.  […]

How’s the content on your interior pages?


This week’s video is a really short one – but that’s on purpose.

It’s a metaphor for the content on the interior pages of your website.

Watch this week’s Wednesday Workshop to see what we mean…

Design for the Device

Design for the Device

Website design is about more than just having the sleekest, flashiest thing on the market, it’s about functionality. Above all, your site has to be useable, and that’s even more critical for your mobile site.

I’ve […]

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Split Your Split Testing

Split Your Split Testing!

Let’s talk some website optimization. Everyone knows that A/B testing (or split testing) is vital to finding out which elements of your site convert best. It’s the fine art of showing your website visitors variables of things like CTAs, banner ads, click-to-call buttons, and more so that you can pick the ones that performs the very best. But, are you splitting your split testing? That is, are you testing across all platforms?  […]