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A warning about website graders

In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we share a warning about site grader tools. These tools are incredibly generic, so they won’t always return accurate results for your dealership’s website. The tools treat every site the same, yet your dealership site is completely different from your local plumber’s site. The warnings and errors that are returned by these tools don’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong with your site. Watch the video for all the details, and check with your current provider before you make any hasty decisions based on the results of these reports.
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Do You YouTube?

Do You YouTube?

Long gone are the days you would run around to every dealership and test out all the different cars until you found the perfect one. Your consumers are forming their own opinions and decisions before they even step foot on the lot of your dealership. According to David Mogensen, Google’s head of YouTube ads marketing and former automotive marketer, the average car shopper only makes two visits to the dealership. It’s because car shoppers are using the internet to find great deals, research different vehicles and more. Continue Reading

Dealer Edition: How to Prep for the Holiday Season

You hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting tingling, too. The holiday season is upon us and it’s everybody’s dream to wake up on Christmas Day with a brand new car on their driveway. Dealers are in fierce competition during the final stretch of the year, with promotions happening everywhere. If you’re not preparing for the holiday season by getting your dealership SEM- and SEO-ready, then you’re already falling behind. Don’t be a Grinch – follow this handy little guide put together by the SEO & SEM experts at DealerOn. Continue Reading

The Top Three Ways Enterprise Specials Manager Makes Special Offers Rock

If you have a special out there that is going to dominate the market, then you need to do everything in your power to make sure it gets noticed, and that requires using cutting-edge technology. DealerOn’s Enterprise Special Manager (ESM) puts that power into the dealer’s hands by enabling easy and efficient creation and editing of special offers. Here are a few ways that this new technology will help your offers stand out from the crowd.
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Feature Friday: DealerOn’s Enterprise Specials Manager!

Welcome to Feature Friday! If you were around earlier this week, you saw the announcement for our all-new Enterprise Specials Manager tool! Managing your dealership’s special offers and discounts can be time consuming, particularly if you have multiple rooftops and OEMs. But all is not lost. DealerOn’s new Enterprise Specials Manager is now live, and it’s much more than just an editing tool. It’s a comprehensive vehicle merchandising solution designed especially for multi-rooftop dealers.

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