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Above The Fold Content for Dealership Websites

What is Above The Fold Content?
What is Above The Fold Content?

“Above The Fold” content is one of the most important areas of your dealership website. In this week’s DealerOn University article we introduce you to the basics of Above The Fold content, and why it is so critical to the success of your dealership’s website and SEO campaigns.

What is Above The Fold Content?

“Above The Fold” content is what site visitors see when they first enter your site.


The term “Above The Fold” started with print media, referring to headlines that were visible when a newspaper was laying flat because they were above the literal fold in the paper. In the world of web design, it refers to content that’s visible on a web page as it loads and before a visitor interacts with the page in any way.

Why is above the fold content so important?

The first and most obvious is that this is the first impression a visitor gets when they land on your page. You want all relevant information in front of their eyes, because if it’s not, there’s a high chance they’ll bounce and check out your competitors. Make sure any calls-to-action are visible, obvious, and easily accessible.

Perhaps more importantly, above the fold content has become a big part of SEO. With the introduction of Google’s Core Web Vitals, above the fold content, properly optimized by web design experts, can do more to drive your SEO than anything.

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As a quick review, they measure how quickly the biggest image on the site loads, how long before the site can be interacted with, and how much the site moves as it loads. All of these vitals are important, but LCP should always apply to the above the fold image that tells your visitor what this page is for. Web designers refer to this image appropriately as the page’s “hero image.”

If your hero image isn’t optimized, your LCP will be high, and accordingly your SEO will suffer.

With the increased use of mobile devices, what is actually above the fold can vary. The best fix for this is to use a responsive design, to ensure that your visitors are always looking at the best version of your site regardless of design.

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