Feature Friday

Feature Friday: Spanish Websites


When native Spanish speakers are one of the fastest growing markets for dealers in North America, sticking to an exclusively English website is not an option. Spanish speakers spend more time online than non-Spanish speakers, and they spend more than five hours of that time shopping online. If you’re not targeting this quickly growing market, you’re doing it wrong.

That’s why DealerOn offers custom Spanish sites for your dealership, and we don’t mean badly-translated blurbs beneath your inventory, but human-translated sites from Native Spanish-speakers that are easy to navigate and understand. All of our Spanish sites follow Google best practices, which means they’re optimized for Spanish search queries.

Make sure your dealership stands out against the completion by catering to this growing market! If you want to start communicating to your Spanish-speaking consumers, read more about Spanish websites here.
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Feature Friday: eWallet Coupons


When was the last time you brought a wallet full of coupons to your local grocery store? If it was longer than you’re willing to admit, then you’re right on track with the majority of consumers. Physical coupons hand-clipped from a magazine just aren’t used anymore, especially now that everyone has a smart phone with discounts right at their fingertips. Nearly 82% of customers agree that they prefer the ease of digital coupons, and the people who visit your dealership aren’t any different.

DealerOn’s eWallet feature has got you covered. You can offer digital coupons directly to your customers through their smart devices, which can be saved to their phone via Apple Wallet and Android Pay. Highlight your 30% off oil changes or a discount on tires through an easily downloadable coupon that doesn’t require any forms or promo codes, just the click of a button.
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Feature Friday: Geo-fencing


Happy Friday! I’m excited to announce a new series we’ll be rolling out today: Feature Friday Videos!

In these videos, we’ll be showing off some of DealerOn’s top-performing, results-driven features. They’ll give you a more in-depth look at the tools that make us tick. Our goal is to help you better understand some of the features of DealerOn websites that can make your dealership stand out from the competitors.

This week we’ll take a look at Geo-fencing, a feature that allows you to strategically target potential customers based on their location. Geo-fencing creates opportunities for your dealership to target specific audiences for location-based campaigns, like if you wanted to show social media ads to people in your competitor’s showroom, or if you were trying to reach students on campus about your student discount.


When you’re walking down the street and you pass a shop you might hear, “Come in for the best t-shirts in the city,” or “For you, $5 off your entree.”  Pointed messages, directed at you — and they’re enticing because you’re right in front of the store. This is real life geo-fencing.

In this digital age, successful marketing is all about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Geo-fencing is the technology that makes this possible. By simply selecting an area on a map, your dealership can choose where to run its ads and special promotions.

Think about it. Rather than a blanket message all over town, you can strategically target your customers.  Maybe you want to remind people leaving the big game on Sunday about your dealership’s great leasing program.  Boom, geo-fencing gives you that opportunity.  Maybe customers at your competitor’s lot will be interested in your bigger rebate offers.  Let college students at a nearby university know they can use their student ID for a discounted oil change.

With geo-fencing technology and DealerOn’s innovative geniuses, your dealership is closer than ever to closing sales.

Remember, over 50% of all auto shoppers checked their phone for better prices on the dealership lot, which means YOU have the chance to make your dealership shine.

That’s it for today’s Feature Friday. Tune in next week for more tips & tricks guaranteed to rock your dealership.


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