How to Reach Customers at the End of the Car-Buying Journey

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Let’s be real, there are a lot of digital marketing tools out there for dealers. But they’re basically worthless if you don’t know when to use them. You can have strategic SEO, carefully researched advertising campaigns, and a website that’s been optimized for conversion – but all that high-tech digital weaponry in your arsenal won’t amount to much if you can’t reach your potential buyers at the right time.

Google has identified five key moments in the car-buying journey that all customers go through. They call them micro-moments, and you’ve probably heard of them. The first two moments have a lot to do with research, but the end of the car-buying journey is where dealers should start paying attention. It’s where your leads begin to trickle into customers, and you need to know which tools to pull from your arsenal based on the moment.
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Feature Friday: Spanish Websites

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When native Spanish speakers are one of the fastest growing markets for dealers in North America, sticking to an exclusively English website is not an option. Spanish speakers spend more time online than non-Spanish speakers, and they spend more than five hours of that time shopping online. If you’re not targeting this quickly growing market, you’re doing it wrong.

That’s why DealerOn offers custom Spanish sites for your dealership, and we don’t mean badly-translated blurbs beneath your inventory, but human-translated sites from Native Spanish-speakers that are easy to navigate and understand. All of our Spanish sites follow Google best practices, which means they’re optimized for Spanish search queries.

Make sure your dealership stands out against the completion by catering to this growing market! If you want to start communicating to your Spanish-speaking consumers, read more about Spanish websites here.
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We’re headed to Charlotte!


Break out your drivers, because we’re headed to Charlotte!

We’re teaming up with Google, ELEAD1ONE, and CarGurus for another Digital Strategy Summit, this one on November 2 in Charlotte, North Carolina! We’ll be setting up camp at Topgolf, and bringing some automotive digital experts with us. We’ll share the latest and greatest in online marketing to help you sell more cars, and then we’ll join you in perfecting that back swing. Oh, and don’t worry, we’ll bring the food and the drinks.

Did we mention that it’s free? That’s right: free tickets, but limited seating, so register now!


Can’t wait to see what we’re bringing to the table? We’ve got the breakdown here:

Kevin Lao, Google

Digital Marketing Best Practices

Kevin’s talking all things Google, including the new Dealer Playbook. He’ll also break down best practices for digital marketing. Don’t miss these key Google insights straight from the source.

Greg Gifford, DealerOn

Local SEO

Greg will drop the bomb on Local SEO, breaking it down for us in an easy, understandable way. Don’t let search engines glaze over your site. You’ll also take home a copy of Greg’s new book on Local SEO.

Shaun Raines, DealerOn

PPC & Digital Marketing

Shaun Raines will be sharing his infinite knowledge on SEM. His presentation on the exclusive details of paid search, all with one goal in mind: helping you sell more cars.

Martha Blue, CarGurus

Measuring & Optimizing in a Multi-Channel World

Start to see some real improvements in your ROI with Martha’s key best practices for measuring and optimizing data when your competing for attention on digital channels.

Mark Queen, ELEAD1ONE

Service Center Success

Get your customers on the same page with your advisors and technicians by learning how local North Carolina legend, Scott Clark Toyota, has outperformed every other store’s service department.

Michael Devito, DealerOn

Mobile Strategy & Optimization

Michael will share his tips on website optimization and mobile conversion. The secret to a successful site is a mobile-first strategy, of course, and he’ll unlock all the secrets your dealership needs to succeed.

After the session we’ll feed you some dinner, throw back some beers, and hit a few balls. Sound like a good time? We think so too. We mentioned it was free, right?

Register now before slots fill up! All dealers are welcome, regardless of OEM. We don’t horde this kind of knowledge.

See you in Charlotte!