Introducing BEACON Reporting

Guiding your dealership’s path to profitability and performance in 2020, DealerOn is proud to announce the latest addition to our platform, BEACON. In this weeks Wednesday Workshop, we’ll scratch the surface on this innovative new reporting suite available to all DealerOn customers!

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How to Reach Customers at the End of the Car-Buying Journey

Let’s be real, there are a lot of digital marketing tools out there for dealers. But they’re basically worthless if you don’t know when to use them. You can have strategic SEO, carefully researched advertising campaigns, and a website that’s been optimized for conversion – but all that high-tech digital weaponry in your arsenal won’t amount to much if you can’t reach your potential buyers at the right time.

Google has identified five key moments in the car-buying journey that all customers go through. They call them micro-moments, and you’ve probably heard of them. The first two moments have a lot to do with research, but the end of the car-buying journey is where dealers should start paying attention. It’s where your leads begin to trickle into customers, and you need to know which tools to pull from your arsenal based on the moment.
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