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2020: Year in Review

By December 31, 2020DealerOn

2020 was a challenging year for so many reasons, but while we’re all happy to have it in the rearview mirror there were a lot of reason for celebration as well. DealerOn is proud of the way we rose to meet those challenges with and on behalf of our dealership partners.

Every member of the DealerOn family from our dedicated Support team to our innovative Engineers have been laser-focused on ensuring the success of our dealers.

We’ve also taken the time to grow, offering expanded coverage hours, digital retailing, and automated specials. We’re ready for 2021, but in these few final moments of 2020, let’s look back at a few of our highlights.

1,200+ Websites + New OEM Partnership Launched 

Working closely with our new dealer partners we managed to launch over 1,200 brand new websites. Special thanks go out to the dealers who trusted in us enough to make a major business decision by changing their website provider amidst the craziness of 2020. We were also thrilled to commence our partnership with GM and look forward to bringing an incredible digital experience to our GM dealers. 

APEX Digital Retailing 

APEX, our native digital retailing tool, was a resounding success. On average APEX made up 25% of the total vehicle related leads that dealers received from our websites. APEX gave shoppers the perfect level of customization to personalize lease and finance terms from the comfort of their homesBy delivering an experience that car shoppers have now come to expect of online shopping – APEX is able to deliver high quality and most importantly high closing percentage leads that continue to drive vehicle sales. 

We’re excited about the upcoming set of features that will only continue to make one of the industry’s only NATIVE solutions even more powerful. 

Symphony: Automated Specials Listings 

2020 was a big year for automation at DealerOn with the release of our first phase of Symphony, which focuses on automated specials creation. Special offers have always been a lucrative but time-consuming part of any dealership’s business, forcing the owners to measure profit versus significant time investment. Symphony makes the decision easy, by creating and calculating specials for every manufacturer offer automatically each and every month. 

Beacon Reporting 

We supercharged Dealer Analytics with our BEACON Data Hub in 2020. Dealers and dealership groups can view all their essential marketing analytics in one place; from display advertising to website leads. Now you can track every penny of your digital advertising budget from expenditure to sale – true ROI. 

AccessiBe Partnership 

In order to provide increased accessibility to our websites, DealerOn partnered with accessiBe in early 2020. With accessiBe’s integration, our dealers now have a service that monitors and remediates possible accessibility issues while providing an array of tools to shoppers with accessibility needs to enhance their website experience. 

Looking ahead to 2021 

While 2020 brought some great partnerships and innovations, we cannot wait to show you what we have in store for 2021! DealerOn will continue working on new ways to ensure you can provide your customers with the ultimate digital dealership experience. 

Author Justin Robinson-Prickett

Justin Robinsion-Prickett is a content writer from Los Angeles with over a decade of experience in the auto industry under his belt. When not working, he enjoys fencing, re-editing dialogue in old movies to remove articles, and playing with his two dogs James Westphal and Dr. Kenneth Noisewater.

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