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DealerOn is Heading to NADA 2020!


We’re headed to Vegas for NADA! Be sure sure to check out our 2 can’t miss speakers this weekend and when you’re done, stop by booth 246C to see all the latest and greatest DealerOn has to offer.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Web Forms Aren’t Dead – Here’s Why

You may have heard “no one uses forms anymore” or worse yet the proclamation that “web forms are dead”. Contrary to those industry talking heads who are slinging the latest greatest shiny, web forms are not only VERY much alive and kicking, but also remain one of the most cost effective and tried and true ways to generate leads for your dealership. The game has no doubt changed, from chat to digital retailing, there are more way to engage with your customers than ever before, all with their own sets of challenges. Auto responders, wait-times, poor user experience, too much information being collected, and a slew of other problems all can lead to visitor’ bouncing over frustration. Still, they’re all worthwhile investments, but not first optimizing lead forms to uncover the hidden gold in your website is like dumping water into leaky bucket.

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Building the Best Mobile Landing Pages

DealerOn Best Mobile Landing Pages

It’s the 21st century where cars and technology constantly surround us. Consumers are car shopping anywhere, anytime and on any device. Mobile landing pages are the online connection between you and your range of users, don’t make the mistake of using a one-size fits all approach. Your mobile traffic isn’t equivalent to your desktop-traffic making it important to optimize for each accordingly. According to Google, 70% of searches for car MSRP and list prices are done on mobile. Attract specific consumers with an effective mobile landing page whether your goal is generating leads or increasing in-store visits. Learn how to give your mobile users optimal access to your dealership’s vital information. Continue Reading

Why is Google Advocating for HTTPS?

About a year ago, DealerOn made the switch to have all of our sites serve over HTTPS. This decision was made in order to create a more secure environment for our dealers and their customers, since HTTPs sites prevent intruders from doctoring data like IP addresses, geography, and device type. Google has long advocated to have all sites serving over HTTPS, and now they’ve taken things one step further. This month with the release of Chrome 68, all sites serving over HTTP will be marked as “not secure.”
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The Top Three Ways Enterprise Specials Manager Makes Special Offers Rock

If you have a special out there that is going to dominate the market, then you need to do everything in your power to make sure it gets noticed, and that requires using cutting-edge technology. DealerOn’s Enterprise Special Manager (ESM) puts that power into the dealer’s hands by enabling easy and efficient creation and editing of special offers. Here are a few ways that this new technology will help your offers stand out from the crowd.
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