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Why is Google Advocating for HTTPS?

About a year ago, DealerOn made the switch to have all of our sites serve over HTTPS. This decision was made in order to create a more secure environment for our dealers and their customers, since HTTPs sites prevent intruders from doctoring data like IP addresses, geography, and device type. Google has long advocated to have all sites serving over HTTPS, and now they’ve taken things one step further. This month with the release of Chrome 68, all sites serving over HTTP will be marked as “not secure.”
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The Top Three Ways Enterprise Specials Manager Makes Special Offers Rock

If you have a special out there that is going to dominate the market, then you need to do everything in your power to make sure it gets noticed, and that requires using cutting-edge technology. DealerOn’s Enterprise Special Manager (ESM) puts that power into the dealer’s hands by enabling easy and efficient creation and editing of special offers. Here are a few ways that this new technology will help your offers stand out from the crowd.
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Feature Friday: DealerOn’s Enterprise Specials Manager!

Welcome to Feature Friday! If you were around earlier this week, you saw the announcement for our all-new Enterprise Specials Manager tool! Managing your dealership’s special offers and discounts can be time consuming, particularly if you have multiple rooftops and OEMs. But all is not lost. DealerOn’s new Enterprise Specials Manager is now live, and it’s much more than just an editing tool. It’s a comprehensive vehicle merchandising solution designed especially for multi-rooftop dealers.

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Balancing Mobile and Desktop Goals

Did you know that mobile conversion rates are less than 50% of desktop conversion rates? So, why are digital marketers always going on and on about the importance of a mobile strategy? More and more consumers are researching cars and dealers on their phones, and if you’re not optimizing for the device and bringing in those leads, you’re falling behind in the automotive digital world. Mobile-first is no longer a suggestion, it’s a necessity, but that doesn’t mean your desktop design should be neglected, either.
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