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The Top Three Ways Enterprise Specials Manager Makes Special Offers Rock

If you have a special out there that is going to dominate the market, then you need to do everything in your power to make sure it gets noticed, and that requires using cutting-edge technology. DealerOn’s Enterprise Special Manager (ESM) puts that power into the dealer’s hands by enabling easy and efficient creation and editing of special offers. Here are a few ways that this new technology will help your offers stand out from the crowd.

Get more offers across more dealerships

When you’ve got a good deal, you want to show it off. But getting your special offers in front of potential customers is easier said than done, especially when the logistics just aren’t working for you. No one wants to create and edit specials one-by-one and then add them manually to each of our dealer sites individually. This process costs time and money, which is where the ESM can create huge benefits.

ESM is a powerful tool that lets multi-rooftop dealerships easily create and edit offers across multiple websites. Now dealers can show off their special offers with ease and efficacy, and put all that extra time towards something useful.

Crate dynamic landing pages

Personalization is key when it comes to grabbing attention, and ESM lets you create dynamic landing pages that you can pair with your special offers. This creates a streamlined digital advertising strategy that ensures your inventory is always up-to-date with your current offers, so your ads and landing pages are always accurate. Now it’s easier to manage all of your inventory and corresponding offers in one place.

Easily organize special offers

Your 50% off an oil change holiday special shouldn’t get mixed up with your 4th of July deals, and sometimes you just want to highlight offers on one specific vehicle without any distractions. If you want to be strategic with how and when your specials are offered, you need an easy-to-use organization system that lets you see everything in one place on your dashboard. Tags let you do this with minimal, if any, head scratching. It’s simple, efficient, and lets you sort and create entire pages to highlight specific offers with little hassle.

You have to stay a cut above the rest, and now you have the tactics to make your dealerships offer the best prices and deals around.

If you’re realizing that your current CMS can’t offer you the opportunity to show off your special offers across all your rooftops, it’s time to look at our ESM. You can bulk edit across multiple rooftops, customize CTAs and upload graphics to your personal Media Gallery, tag offers for customized special pages, and so much more.  If you’re ready to learn more about how the ESM will drive your business, read more here.


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