Feature Friday

Feature Friday: DealerOn’s Enterprise Specials Manager!

Welcome to Feature Friday! If you were around earlier this week, you saw the announcement for our all-new Enterprise Specials Manager tool! Managing your dealership’s special offers and discounts can be time consuming, particularly if you have multiple rooftops and OEMs. But all is not lost. DealerOn’s new Enterprise Specials Manager is now live, and it’s much more than just an editing tool. It’s a comprehensive vehicle merchandising solution designed especially for multi-rooftop dealers.

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Feature Friday: Structured Data


Let’s talk about data. Structured data, to be exact. If you’ve ever heard someone reference “” when talking about websites, but didn’t know what they meant, this is for you.

The basic idea is simple: structured data packs all the great info from your website into Google’s search results pages. For dealerships, that’s vehicle pricing, mpg, engine size, trim levels, # of reviews, etc. And while structured data is a fairly standard web development tool, the amount of traffic you get to your website depends on how well you use it.
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Feature Friday: Service Plus


Hey dealers, we’ve got an important message for you: Stop giving away prime cash flow to that name-brand auto shop down the street! A huge amount of your income (about 60%, actually) comes from your fixed ops, and if you’re not creating unique, useful content to put on your website for your service center, you’re doing it wrong.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our signature Service Plus package. We will enhance your current website by creating relevant, uniquely optimized content designed to drive online traffic straight to your service center. We can share your special offers, promotions, and we even provide helpful auto repair & service-related posts and articles that will draw potential customers right to your front door — and away from those other guys.

If you’re ready to stop losing business to your service competitors and start seeing more revenue from your fixed ops, watch this week’s Feature Friday video above.