Best Practices

Pods vs. Banners

The curiosity is killing you, we know. What’s the verdict, pods or banners? Well, before we say it’s time to lean towards pods, let’s explain why.

What are pods? Pods are simply larger scale images or hyperlinks that define user flow into a few designated areas on a website. This creates tactical conversion path creation. Pods tend to create the best user experience for a website as they funnel users into your main conversion flows. It’s to the point and simple for the consumer. The best converting pods are in the order of new, used, specials and schedule. An example would be like this one seen on Ancira Buick GMC.

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How to use a call tracking number in your Google My Business listing

For years, it was always a bad idea to put a tracking number in your Google listing because it screwed up your NAP (name, address, phone) consistency signal for Google’s algorithm. Finally, Google changed things and now it’s perfectly OK to use a tracking number in Google My Business.

In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we walk you through the right way to use a tracking number in GMB, so you won’t cause any problems with the NAP consistency factor in the local algo. Check it out, and go get your GMB listing updated!
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Why is Google Advocating for HTTPS?

About a year ago, DealerOn made the switch to have all of our sites serve over HTTPS. This decision was made in order to create a more secure environment for our dealers and their customers, since HTTPs sites prevent intruders from doctoring data like IP addresses, geography, and device type. Google has long advocated to have all sites serving over HTTPS, and now they’ve taken things one step further. This month with the release of Chrome 68, all sites serving over HTTP will be marked as “not secure.”
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SEM KPIs That Actually Sell Cars

If you are not measuring and optimizing your campaigns toward metrics that really matter, like units sold, customer paid RO’s and ROI, you might be hurting your business.

Are you frustrated of getting reports from your digital advertising provider every month that show excellent improvements in all of the KPIs they have deemed important? But when you look at your sales report for the same month, you are down in every category. How can it be these campaigns were judged as a success when your dealership was actually less successful?
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