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Do You YouTube?

Do You YouTube?

Long gone are the days you would run around to every dealership and test out all the different cars until you found the perfect one. Your consumers are forming their own opinions and decisions before they even step foot on the lot of your dealership. According to David Mogensen, Google’s head of YouTube ads marketing and former automotive marketer, the average car shopper only makes two visits to the dealership. It’s because car shoppers are using the internet to find great deals, research different vehicles and more. Continue Reading

SEM KPIs That Actually Sell Cars

If you are not measuring and optimizing your campaigns toward metrics that really matter, like units sold, customer paid RO’s and ROI, you might be hurting your business.

Are you frustrated of getting reports from your digital advertising provider every month that show excellent improvements in all of the KPIs they have deemed important? But when you look at your sales report for the same month, you are down in every category. How can it be these campaigns were judged as a success when your dealership was actually less successful?
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