SEM KPIs That Actually Sell Cars

If you are not measuring and optimizing your campaigns toward metrics that really matter, like units sold, customer paid RO’s and ROI, you might be hurting your business.

Are you frustrated of getting reports from your digital advertising provider every month that show excellent improvements in all of the KPIs they have deemed important? But when you look at your sales report for the same month, you are down in every category. How can it be these campaigns were judged as a success when your dealership was actually less successful?
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Google is releasing a new URL Inspection Tool

In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we share the exciting news about Google’s new URL Inspection Tool that’s being added to Search Console. The new tool will be released in the coming weeks, and will allow you to analyze individual pages and see technical details straight from Google’s index. Watch the video for all the details!
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Is your site content stuck in 2005?

In this week’s Wednesday Workshop, we’re talking about the content on your dealership website. Google wants to see amazing content that’s relevant and helpful… but most dealers are stuck in a rut using SEO tactics from 2005. Watch this week’s video to learn how to reset your thinking and write better content on your site.

Google updated the rules about online reviews

In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we share the details about Google’s recent updates to its Terms of Service regarding reviews. All reviews have to be unbiased, and you have to provide the same experience to every customer…

What does that really mean? It’s a fancy way of telling businesses that they can’t use review gates anymore. Watch this week’s video for all the details on the update (and why it’s not really a bad thing in the long run).
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