Customers don’t search for you the way you think they do

In this week’s video, the Beard is back up on his soapbox… Far too often, dealers forget that customers don’t search for them the way that they think they search. It’s easy to get obsessive over ranking reports, but ranking reports don’t really show you a true view of how you show up in local searches. It’s also important to understand which keywords to monitor, so you’re not getting lost in tracking keywords you’ll never be able to show up for.
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Topgolf Tampa: Tons of Fun & Learning


What can we say? We love Tampa. Last week, our DealerOn Event Series rolled through sunny Florida and rocked out at the Topgolf Tampa. Not to take anything away from our other stops, but the dealers attending last week were fantastic. They were super engaged, really got involved with each of the presenters and, man, they could really swing a golf club!

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