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Google Analytics 101: Segments

Have you ever downloaded a giant spreadsheet with an overwhelming amount of data? How about a copy of your cell phone bill, calls & texts included? Ever made the mistake of saying “yes” to the receipt at CVS? There’s only so much data you can process at one time, and then you have to start breaking it up into chunks, and same is true for your Google Analytics traffic.

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Icon Responsibly


When it comes to icons, these visuals that constantly surround us, we automatically connect messages to them. Stop signs tell us to stop, speed limit signs tell us how fast we can go and so on. Icons on a website are very similar, these image shortcuts convey a message. Websites sometimes use icons instead of text because the goal is to be concise and to the point. Icons can create simplicity, they’re easily configurated, moved, and applied. However, sometimes icons can be used in the wrong way, causing a poor user experience. When used in the right manner, though, these icons are subtle impressions that go a long way.

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Pods vs. Banners

The curiosity is killing you, we know. What’s the verdict, pods or banners? Well, before we say it’s time to lean towards pods, let’s explain why.

What are pods? Pods are simply larger scale images or hyperlinks that define user flow into a few designated areas on a website. This creates tactical conversion path creation. Pods tend to create the best user experience for a website as they funnel users into your main conversion flows. It’s to the point and simple for the consumer. The best converting pods are in the order of new, used, specials and schedule. An example would be like this one seen on Ancira Buick GMC.

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Website Optimization 101: Navigation Best Practices

How users get around your site is just as important as the content on it. If your navigation bar is confusing and cluttered, no one is going to stick around trying to figure it out. There are plenty of other sites with clean navigation, and your hard-earned users will be heading that way if they can’t get where they want as quickly as possible. Start with these navigation bar best practices to keep shoppers engaged with your site.
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