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Three Ways to Get Noticed with Geo-Fencing

Location, location, location. It’s important, but are you really using it to your best benefit? Geo-fencing lets you target specific locations with a unique offer to create a more personalized experience for your customers, and there are lots of ways you can utilize this high-tech tool. So, how can geo-fencing help your dealership? 

I’m glad you asked. First, if you’re not familiar, geo-fencing is a powerful digital website & advertising tool that serves ads to people in specific locations. You can set this up in a Facebook Ad, in a PPC ad, or as a banner ad on your website (as long as your website provider has that tech). It’s quite versatile, and if you know how to leverage it, you can see some serious results from a well-executed campaign with geo-fencing enabled. So let’s take a look at the three best ways you can use geo-fencing to your advantage.

Get Local

Look into targeting local events, universities, and any other groups or activities that come out of your community. Try, for example, giving local college students $20 off an oil change, and get their attention by targeting campuses near your dealership. Or, push vehicles by targeting areas with specific demographics. Nearby neighborhoods, for example, will be more responsive to family-friendly vehicles. Military offers at nearby bases could also see some positive return.

Get Further

If you’re located in the suburbs of a nearby city, you’re probably thinking of ways to get those city dwellers into your dealership. Though we encourage dealers to focus on their local community, since consumers are more likely to stick to a dealership closer to home, you can still make your store appealing to outsiders. By using geo-fencing to highlight your prices and special offers, you can make a mini road-trip well worth it for some potential customers.

Get Competitive

Promoting your better price by targeting your competitor is not a new concept, but it’s popular for a reason. Google’s research shows that half of all car shoppers will price-shop the competition inside a dealership as a last-ditch effort to ensure they’re getting the best deal. That’s an opportunity, if I’ve ever seen one, and you can use geo-fencing to serve an ad to shoppers in your competitor’s showroom to try and capture some business.

Get Strategic

There are lots of ways you can utilize this tool, so getting creative and thinking outside the box is essential, but be wary of highly precise geofences that offer low return for a high value. You should be targeting universities and military bases with specific offers, but casting a wider net to hit your community with more generalized offers can also get you some serious leads. The key here is balance, and knowing how to strategize.

Geo-fencing is a versatile tool that can help get your dealership noticed. By starting with these strategies, you can start seeing the rewards. If you want to know more about geo-fencing, you can read about it here.

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