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Leaving cash on the table. You’re all guilty.

don't leave money on the table!

You got ‘em! A shiny new customer just drove off your lot with a shiny new car. You spent a lot of money to get them to come into your showroom and really pushed your sales team to capitalize on that opportunity. Your website helped, too. Lot’s of great pictures of vehicles, great specials, and an up-to-date inventory all worked together to really highlight your dealership. Your retail game is on point and it just paid off.

But, are you satisfied with only 3.8% margins on that new vehicle sale? You shouldn’t be. You know your dealership truly sees its revenue flow in from that customer coming back, year over year, to your service department. In fact, according to NADA, service accounts for almost 60% of the profits for the average dealership.


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How to Build Trust With Service Customers From the Start

The fixed operations department in the average dealership generates over 50% of a typical dealer’s  gross profit, according to NADA. Since this is where you make most of your money, it’s important that you do everything you can to turn each and every visitor to your service lanes into loyal, return customers. While your fixed […]

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Using Content to Market Your Fixed Operations

Every year since 2009, according to NADA’s Dealership Financial Profile data, the average dealer has generated over 50% of their gross profit from Fixed Operations.  When I speak at NADA or other national conferences on service department marketing, I get the same reaction – lots of heads nodding, lots of note-taking, lot of dealers telling […]

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Maximizing Service Department Offerings

Promote Your Service Dept. to Increase Revenue

According to the National Auto Dealers Association in 2007, 46% of the total dealership operating profits was brought in by service departments. Successfully plugging your service bay could up this percentage by giving you two sources of additional revenue: an immediate increase from customers spending more of their service […]

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