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Shaun Raines

Prioritize your marketing channels

The Beard and the Hair are back for this week’s Wednesday Workshop video! This week, we’re talking about prioritizing your marketing channels so you get maximum return.

All marketing channels are not created equal. Some work better for B2B, yet fail miserably in B2C situations. You’ve got to find the right marketing channels for your dealership and prioritize the ones with the biggest return.

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The biggest mistake on auto dealer websites – and how to avoid it

Want to know about the biggest mistake dealers make with their websites? This week’s Wednesday Workshop video shares the answer…

Far too many dealers choose their website based on how it looks – instead of how it performs. Your website has one job, and that’s to convert visitors into leads. Watch the video for more information about why it’s absolutely important to choose a website that really works, instead of one that you think is pretty.

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We Don’t Sell Jeeps! A story from the PPC trenches…

This week’s Wednesday Workshop video shares a story from a recent conversation with a dealer. In the middle of explaining the results of a PPC audit, our team mentioned Jeeps several times. The dealer finally stopped us and said, “We don’t sell Jeeps!”

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