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The Beard and the Hair are back for this week’s Wednesday Workshop video! This week, we’re talking about prioritizing your marketing channels so you get maximum return.

All marketing channels are not created equal. Some work better for B2B, yet fail miserably in B2C situations. You’ve got to find the right marketing channels for your dealership and prioritize the ones with the biggest return.


Hey it’s the beard and the Hair and we’re BACK with another Wednesday workshop from DealerOn!

This week Greg has an amazing story that I’ve challenged him to share without using a single cuss word. More on that when the beard is ready…

You’ve heard me talk a lot about search and you know I’m a huge fan of prioritizing marketing channels, so here’s some food for thought.

The number of automotive advertising options today is pretty overwhelming for the average dealer. Should you be spending on SEO, SEM, 3rd party leads, video ads, Facebook ads, Instagram, promoted tweets, Pandora, display ads, remarketing, radio, TV, direct mail and so on…

Keep in mind that you’re a business serving consumers not a business serving another business. At DealerOn we’re considered a B2B type business meaning… we serve other businesses… like yours. You on the other hand serve consumers.

Why do I mention this? Because ALL advertising and marketing channels are not created equal and absolutely do not perform equally. This is critically important to keep you from investing or overinvesting in channels that should be in the exploration category versus the top revenue driving category.

Greg… are you ready to drop your awesome lesson learning story?


So, here’s a couple quick tips for prioritizing your marketing options.

1. Track and measure your shi….shtuff You have to do this or you simply can’t manage it.

2. Start with search. Both organic and paid search deserve a hefty part of your budget because they outperform all other channels.

3. Beyond search, prioritize based on what brings in the most revenue in the shortest amount of time.

This is a great topic to sit down with us and discuss at one of the many conferences and events we attend and speak at throughout the year. So grab us at the next one and let’s talk about how we can turn your DealerOn with or without free beer.

You ready to share your story now?


Okay maybe next week. Until then…

I’m the Hair, he’s the silent Beard and we’ll see you next week for another Wednesday workshop from DealerOn.

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VP of Marketing Email Shaun Shaun is a true internet car guy and the Vice President of Marketing at DealerOn. His automotive internet career began in 1998 with the Reynolds and Reynolds team that launched Microsoft’s, CarsDirect Connect, Yahoo Autos, Automark Websites and Reynolds Web Solutions. Shaun’s Marketing prowess coupled with expertise in Social Media allows him to effectively market DealerOn’s capabilities, extend its reach and build the right reputation. His unique blend of humor and automotive experience has made Raines a sought after speaker at industry events including NADA, NCM, Digital Dealer, DrivingSales Executive Summit and 20 Groups Shaun lives in Frisco, Texas with his wife, children and dogs.

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