Why you need a blog, and why it matters for SEO

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In this week’s Wednesday Workshop, we talk about the importance of your dealership blog. Most dealers realize that SEO is vital to success, but there are still too many dealers who don’t have a blog as part of their dealership website. Your blog is vital – it lets you share useful and helpful information with customers and potential customers, it helps you get links from other sites, and it helps you build more local relevancy. Watch the video for all the details.

Why GMB is your New Home Page


It’s time to break out of bad habits and change the way you think about SEO. People aren’t using Google the same way they used to, and Google is changing as well.

Far too many dealers and marketers equate adding lots of pages to a website to SEO. One of the most common questions dealers ask me is “how many pages do we get a month with your SEO service?” – and that’s the wrong thing to ask. Continue Reading

Greg’s Local SEO Presentation from the Kain Automotive conference

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In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, Greg shares his advanced Local SEO presentation from the Kain Automotive conference in November. Kick off the year with a bang and learn some awesome Local SEO tips to help your dealership get better visibility in local searches. Greg covers writing and optimizing website content, building local links, reviews, citations, and Google My Business.