Happy Holidays From DealerOn

Well, it’s been a year for the books hasn’t it? It seems like every day brings new and unexpected challenges. DealerOn is proud to face these challenges head on with our dealership partners. Everyone from our fantastic Support Team to our brilliant Engineers are all-in on ensuring the success of our dealers; from expanded coverage hours to Digital Retailing and Automated Specials, 2020 has been a year of growth for the DealerOn family.

We’re looking ahead to 2021 and to sharing all of the exciting things we have been working on!




4 Ways COVID is Changing Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a fast-growing sector in the industry for good reason: Why buy and sell ad inventory in real time when you can make a computer do it? And despite my original, Terminator-based objections to the process, it’s apparently completely safe and efficient. And as with everything else, programmatic advertising isn’t immune to the changes the pandemic has wrought in every corner of our lives. So, before you leap into programmatic advertising for your dealership (or re-up your current contract), have a look at these four ways COVID is changing the industry.

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