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Feature Friday: Service Plus

By January 12, 2018Feature Friday, Video

Hey dealers, we’ve got an important message for you: Stop giving away prime cash flow to that name-brand auto shop down the street! A huge amount of your income (about 60%, actually) comes from your fixed ops, and if you’re not creating unique, useful content to put on your website for your service center, you’re doing it wrong.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our signature Service Plus package. We will enhance your current website by creating relevant, uniquely optimized content designed to drive online traffic straight to your service center. We can share your special offers, promotions, and we even provide helpful auto repair & service-related posts and articles that will draw potential customers right to your front door — and away from those other guys.

If you’re ready to stop losing business to your service competitors and start seeing more revenue from your fixed ops, watch this week’s Feature Friday video above.

Author Michael DeVito

Michael joined DealerOn in 2011 and oversees the Design, Development and Production departments at DealerOn in his role as the Chief Creative Officer. With 15 years of experience in multimedia/web design, Michael is an expert in interactive design, UX, brand identity design, content creation and print collateral. Michael is responsible for the design and coordination of development of DealerOn’s responsive website platform, Chameleon which has fueled the growth for the company. He has worked as a designer, writer and art director for a variety of companies including Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, and MTV. Outside of his work at DealerOn, Michael will be serving as an Executive Producer for Walt Disney Pictures on an upcoming film adaptation of the New York Times bestselling graphic novel, The Stuff of Legend, published by his company, Th3rd World Studios.

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