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Facebook Gets Rid of Reviews and Changes to Recommendations


5 stars, 2 stars, 0 stars. For more than a hundred years, we’ve been ranking businesses with a star ranking system. “It’s a 5 star hotel, we have to go!”  or “Eh, it’s only 3 stars. I’d rather skip out.” We chose businesses entirely on their stars and that’s about to change. Facebook has decided to make it simpler for people to interact with local businesses with recommendations. The recent switch will  help people discover new services, places or events based upon their friends’ recommendations.

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Three Audiences Your Marketing Team Should Know About

If you’re not targeting specific audiences in your campaigns these days, you’re doing it wrong. An audience-first strategy is now a necessity, and not just a trend passing through. I’m going to be diving into a bit deeper in my webinar this week, but first I wanted to talk about the three ways audiences can be categorized.

When defining your audiences, you have to look at things like browsing patterns, loyalty, site engagement levels, and more. But to get started you should know that both Google and Facebook use three types of audiences: behavior-based, list-based, and lookalike.
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