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Here’s the deal. We’re going to take you right to the source…the source of digital excellence, that is. We’re pleased to announce that our next Topgolf event is OFFICIALLY on the books. DealerOn’s signature Digital Strategy Summit is going to be held in Chicago, on August 2, at Topgolf Wood Dale! We’re partnering with Google once again, to bring you a ton of premium knowledge on all things digital in the world of automotive. 

I’m really excited about this year’s event, because it’s going to be a day of high-level learning that you can’t get anywhere else. Google is sending over one of their experts to talk about the automotive customer’s path to purchase, and DealerOn is going to be giving an in-depth look at how digital marketing can help you sell more cars.

The truth is, we have some of the smartest people in the industry working at DealerOn. While being the best in the business is a team effort, these guys are the brainiacs behind what we do: responsive & fast-loading websites, high-performing PPC, and SEO strategies that get you results. So, naturally, we thought we’d put them all in a room together with Google and start dropping knowledge.

The Summit:

Here’s what we’ve got lined up for you:

Kevin Lao, Expert from Google
When it comes to Google’s best practices for reaching your customers, then who’s more qualified than Google? Kevin will be presenting “Automotive Trends & Insights: How Dealers Can Win Today’s Customer,” and he’ll divulge exclusive inside knowledge that’s vital to your dealership’s success.

Greg Gifford, SEO Wizard
Nobody knows more about Local SEO than Greg, and he’ll prove it by giving your dealership a four-point plan of attack using his Local SEO chops. And he’ll also give away copies of his book, “Local SEO: Signals You Can’t Ignore.”

Shaun Raines, SEM Pro
It’s no secret that Shaun’s got this whole PPC thing down to a science. He’ll be giving a look at his own unique paid search process that’s put him at the very top of the competition.

Michael DeVito, Website Virtuoso
DealerOn has websites twice as fast as the competition’s…and Michael builds them. He’s our Chief Creative Officer, and the dangerous mind behind our award-winning website platform. He’ll be diving into website optimization techniques and what it means to have a mobile-first strategy.

The Perks:

This one-of-a-kind event only costs $99! And early-bird pricing of $49 is available until July 14! We’ve pulled out all the stops for you, and if you’re anywhere near Chicago, you owe it to yourself (and your dealership) to come check this out.

  • A day of learning with the best in the business
  • Free breakfast & lunch, provided by the renowned Topgolf chefs
  • 3+ hours of hitting golf balls
  • An open bar & delicious appetizers
  • A Golf Pro from Topgolf to perfect that backswing
  • …and so much more!

I hope to see a lot of people at this event, and we’re extremely proud to be hosting it with Google. If you’re nowhere near Chicago, then we’re having another Topgolf event in Atlanta on October 3. Click below to register, or on the form to the right.



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DealerOn CEO and Co-Founder Ali Co-founded DealerOn in 2004 with his brother and Partner, Amir. Ali with 20+ years of experience is considered one of the top minds of Digital Marketing in the industry and a frequently sought public speaker at NADA, Digital Dealer and other industry forums. Ali is focused on achieving growth by directing the company to develop and acquire best of breed products and services, strategic partnerships and being instrumental in attracting and signing up large Auto Groups. Email Ali

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