We’ve got magical plans for NADA 2017

Welcome to the first Wednesday Workshop video of 2017! NADA is coming soon – we’ll all be down in New Orleans in just a few short weeks… This week’s video walks you through all of our awesome plans so you’ll be sure to catch everything!

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Don’t Be Cliché in 2017


It’s that time of year again, so you know what that means, right? Yep, the cliché New Year’s Resolution lists are starting to get some traction, along with the “Best/Worst Of” lists. In the world of marketing, though, there’s a different kind of cliché — the “How to Succeed in 2017” posts. These are packed full of actionable tips for starting the new year, plus things to avoid.  Continue Reading

MINI USA Selects DealerOn as Certified Website & Digital Advertising Provider

This is exciting news for both MINI USA and DealerOn, as they gain an industry leader in the world of digital marketing & advertising, and we gain a new opportunity to elevate dealerships across the country. MINI USA’s unique customer base will benefit from our knowledge team of website builders & optimizers, as well as our paid search experts, and we’re grateful for the chance to expand our influence.

“We’re excited for this new relationship and for the opportunities it will bring,” said DealerOn’s CEO and President, Ali Amirrezvani. “We’ve proven ourselves time and time again by delivering consistent results, and our website & digital advertising services will speak for themselves. Nobody else in the industry has a lead guarantee for their websites, and our team works hard to make that a reality for our clients.”

MINI USA is extremely selective in choosing which digital website & advertising service providers they will work with, and we’re proud to be part of their family.

In the future, we look forward to partnering with MINI USA dealerships all over the United States. To see the amazing service DealerOn provides MINI dealerships, click here.


About MINI

MINI is an iconic auto manufacturer out of Britain, and MINI USA is their American extension, owned by BMW of North America, LLC. By partnering with DealerOn, MINI USA dealerships will have access to one of the largest website providers for the automotive industry. This partnership will not only guarantee MINI USA the best service in the industry, but their dealerships can now use DealerOn’s award-winning, responsive website platform that will boost their online visibility for their unique market.

Topgolf Scottsdale: Closing Out Strong


2016 is drawing to a close, and we just had our last Topgolf event for this year in Scottsdale, AZ. If you didn’t get the memo, it happened last Wednesday, December 7, and it featured the top minds from DealerOn, Google, and ELEAD1ONE.

By this point, of course, word about DealerOn’s Event Series had spread among the automotive world, so dealers from all around the Arizona-New Mexico-SoCal area came hungry for knowledge. And they weren’t disappointed.

Kevin Lao from Google started things off strong with a presentation over Automotive Trends & Insights. Google has several Retail Strategists in different verticals, and they’re responsible for teaching these industries how to succeed with the world’s most popular search engine. Kevin is one of the best and brightest in the automotive vertical, and he certainly proved it at Topgolf. He laid out the digital path for an average car buyer, pointing out that 19 of the 24 touchpoints in the buyer’s path are digital.

He then highlighted which automotive search terms are seeing the most growth. Pencils were scribbling and keyboards were clacking as folks took advantage of the free knowledge Kevin was dishing out.
After closing out his session by addressing how auto dealers can elevate their online presence, Kevin handed things over to Shaun, who gave another one of his killer SEM presentations. If you’ve never heard Shaun talk about optimizing paid search, then you’re missing out. His presentation covered how to use your ad budget wisely, how to use Google Message Extensions to their fullest potential, and why having a human touch is almost always better than using automated ad services.

Most importantly, Shaun taught us all about the difference between desktop and mobile PPC ads, and how to best reach people looking for a new car.

Bill Wittenmyer from ELEAD1ONE was up next, and he gave a powerful talk about getting the most out of your CRM software & provider. Bill’s a no-nonsense kind of guy, and his business acumen is apparent in the way he talks about ELEAD1ONE’s success over the years. You don’t become one of the highest-rated CRMs in auto by following other companies. Bill is a trendsetter, through and through.

Greg Gifford, DealerOn’s Director of Search and Social, and Jeff Clark, DealerOn’s Chief Sales Officer, both presented after a delicious fajita lunch, catered by Topgolf’s amazing staff.

But of course, Greg talked about his favorite subject: local SEO. From on-page signals to off-page signals, all the way to garnering positive reviews for your dealership, Greg’s knowledge in the SEO arena is second to none. In fact, we like to joke that Greg’s forgotten more about SEO than most of us will ever learn. During his session, he shared helpful tips on optimizing website content and link building for dealerships looking to improve their rankings for searches in their local city.

Jeff Clark closed out the day with an incredible talk over marketing your dealership’s fixed ops in a mobile-first world. The fact of the matter is that fixed ops is a $300 billion industry, but most dealerships are outpaced by national service centers. And it’s because they’re not marketing like they should be! Jeff dealt some serious knowledge over Google AdWords campaigns, which everyone found extremely helpful.

Before we called it a day and spent some time eating & golfing, Jeff showed us how to leverage services like Google Customer Match and Facebook Custom Audience to maximize marketing efforts.

We’d call that a good day, wouldn’t you?

In 2017, we’ll be kicking off a whole new set of Topgolf events, so stay tuned for the first one in the early Spring season! Next on the DealerOn calender will be the NADA Expo & Conference in New Orleans, January 26-29. It’s the 100th anniversary of NADA, so you know it will be a good time.

See you there!


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