An easier way to ask customers for Google reviews

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In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we’re sharing a tip to make it easier for you to get reviews on Google. It’s too confusing to tell customers to search for your dealership, look to the right, find the review stars, click the blue link to the right, and then click the blue button at the top of the window that pops up…

Instead, you can generate a simple link that takes customers directly to the review box – and skips every other step. Watch this week’s video to find out how… Continue Reading

Don’t Lose Leads To Bad Browser Compatibility

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It’s a wide, wide web out there, and there are lots of tools and resources you can use to reach your potential new clients, but are you making your site available to them all? If you’re not considering multiple browsers while designing your site, then that’s a definite no.

It’s easy to get caught up in Chrome – which is the most popular browser out there, beating the others by a whooping 44%. But you can’t ignore the well-known Safari or the notorious Internet Explorer, not to mention the countless other browsers available to the users of the world wide web, i.e. everyone. So how do you design with multiple browsers in mind? Keep these basic practices in mind and you’ll be off to a good start.
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If you spend a bit of time at auto conferences and around the social media watering holes where auto folks hang out, you’ll find that there’s a family in this industry. We may compete vigorously for customers and customer budgets, but I count so many people in this industry amongst my closest friends. Auto is a family and when a family member has a good day, it demands acknowledgement.
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