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Stop Your Dealership From Missing Mobile PPC Leads

When you’re looking for a local business on your phone, how often are you in a position to write down a phone number, and then call?   It’s much easier to click the number of the business and have your phone call automatically – it seems obvious.  Did you know that less than 40% of car dealer’s PPC ads use this click-to-call functionality?

Using Click-to-Call in your PPC ads is especially important because it gives a clear call to action for consumers, and also allows your dealership’s ads to use the full text space. Since Google uses the click and call through performance of your ad when determining your Quality Score and cost per click, allowing viewers to convert from the search results page can provide your dealership with a huge boost in your PPC ROI.  Also, Google doesn’t allow phone numbers in the PPC ad copy, so using the Click to Call ad extensions they offer will add a “Call” button in your ad.

According to Google Think Insights, over half of auto searchers would be “very likely” to use click to call for parts/services or vehicles if the option were available.  Your dealership should be using click to call on your dealership mobile website (regardless of whether you use adaptive or responsive design).

Once your dealership has set up to click to call on your site (or in your PPC ads), make sure they are configured properly and are defined as goals in your Google Analytics.  If your website is not set up this way, and you’d like to have a website that automatically tracks all of your mobile calls via Google Analytics, we can provide you with a website that has that capability.  This will also help your dealership to more accurately track phone calls and the ROI of your online marketing efforts.  Your dealership website provider should be able to help you set this up.  Lastly, make sure you regularly test your click-to-call links across multiple devices to make sure they work on all devices and ensure your dealership isn’t missing leads.

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