It’s time to get #carstrong, auto family! Click here to donate:

Let’s help Bryan and Tamarra offset some of the crazy costs of the Digestive Clinic! They leave in about a week, so let’s band together and get that last little bit taken care of so we reach the $50,000 goal!


Hey, and welcome back to another Wednesday Workshop with DealerOn! This week, we’re not sharing any tips to help you – we’re sharing something to help a single person.

You can see I’m wearing my Car Strong t-shirt today – If you haven’t yet heard, Bryan Armstrong is one of the nicest guys in the car biz, and his wife has some awful issues with her digestive system. She’s had tons of major surgeries, and has finally been accepted to the Mayo Clinic in Cleveland.

The automotive community has banded together with the #carstrong hashtag and started a Go Fund Me page, where the goal is raising $50,000 to help with costs associated with the Digestive Health Clinic.

They’ve only got about a week left until they head to Cleveland, and as of this morning, the Go Find Me page shows $41,505 in donations. We wanted to help with a final push to get them to the $50,000 – so go to (or just click the link down below the video) and give whatever you can. Let’s help them with the final stretch and get them to $50k before they leave next week!

Thanks again for stopping by to watch another Wednesday Workshop with DealerOn, and thanks for banding together with the rest of the auto industry and helping Bryan and his wife! Don’t forget to check back next week for another DealerOn Wednesday Workshop!