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Digital Dealer 19 Preview – Wednesday Workshop

By September 30, 2015Best Practices, DealerOn, Events

Heading to Digital Dealer in Las Vegas next week? This week’s Wednesday Workshop gives you info on all the DealerOn speakers, events, and giveaways… make sure you watch and get all the details!


Hey, and welcome back to another Wednesday Workshop with DealerOn. This week’s video is short and sweet, because we’re getting ready to head to Vegas for Digital Dealer 19. In fact, that’s what we’re going to talk about today…

If you’re going to the conference, make sure you take a look at the agenda beforehand and plan out your sessions. Once you’re there, it’s a pretty overwhelming experience, and you don’t want to get distracted. Think about your current pain points, and what you want to learn while you’re in Vegas – then check the schedule and see which sessions will help you the most.

And of course, make sure you block out the time to come see me speak on Monday at 1:30, when I’ll be sharing all the latest Local SEO tips to help your dealership get more visibility online.

I’ll also be a part of the breakfast keynote panel on Tuesday morning, along with our VP of Marketing Shaun Raines, and dealers Bobbie Herron and Jennifer Briggs.

You should also make sure to carve out time to check out our other awesome DealerOn speakers…

At 1:30 Tuesday, you’ve got two awesome speakers to choose from: Mike DeVito is going to be talking about what Google and car buyers need from a mobile website, and Shaun Raines will be partnering with Joe Webb for CSI: Dealership, helping you track down the killers of your sales and reputation.

Don’t forget to stop by our booth and pick up a temporary tattoo pass for the DealerOn VIP section of the big Digital Dealer party on Tuesday. You’ll also want to grab one of our t-shirts so you can share a selfie on Twitter or Facebook to be entered for a chance to win an Apple Watch.

Thanks for stopping by – check back next week for another Wednesday Workshop video, which we’ll be shooting in our booth at Digital Dealer!

Author Greg Gifford

Greg Gifford is the Vice President of Search at DealerOn. He has over 16 years of online marketing and web design experience, and has specialized in automotive SEO for the last 8 years, helping hundreds of auto dealers thrive while the industry has struggled during the recession. Greg speaks internationally at both automotive and SEO conferences, teaching thousands of small business owners and marketers how to get their sites to show up higher in local search rankings. Greg also spends his spare time doing freelance website design and SEO for local businesses. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Cinema and Communications, and has an obscure movie quote for just about any situation.

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