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Automotive Trust Building

Use Your Dealer Website to Earn the Trust of Prospects

Many people are hesitant to give up their contact information online, especially to auto dealerships.  They are concerned about things like identity theft and email SPAM.  Because of these fears, getting a visitor to raise their hand can be difficult.  Diminishing the fears that many have about providing their contact information to your car dealership will help increase conversion rates and earn you more sales.  Earning their trust before they become sales leads is a critical step in turning those visitors into leads and upping your conversion rate.

Below are some ways that you can use your website to help earn the trust and overcome the fears of your website visitors, thus increasing the chances that this web traffic will convert to leads.

  • Be Upfront: Many people see the auto industry as a pariah, always trying to get one over on anyone they can.  Convince them that your dealership is on their side, and wants to do business in a fair and ethical manner.  Try putting a video on your home page with your General or Internet Manager explaining the dealership’s sales philosophy, or add a short letter to your customers relaying the same message.  Getting over this hurdle can be what makes your dealership stand out from the rest.
  • Security: This is a huge issue these days.  People have to be very careful about who has access to their personal information because of the increasing threat of identity theft.  Make it clear that you won’t sell or rent their information and that your site is secure.  This security is especially important if you have online credit applications which should have a 128-bit SSL Secure Certificate.  Make sure this is clear to your visitors so they feel safe providing their private information.
  • SPAM: Nobody likes to get it, and it doesn’t do your dealership any good to send it.  Make sure that your leads are only getting the information they’ve requested.  Have it written on your website that when they submit their information, they won’t get any unsolicited emails.  One piece of unwanted email can be enough to erase the trust you’ve built with your sales leads.

Besides the potential annoyance to your customers, SPAM can also become a legal headache.  It’s extremely important that your dealership is CAN-SPAM compliant.  Make sure each email has an opt-out link included, and that you respect the right of your patrons if they decide to not receive emails from your dealership.

Take a look at your online presence.  Examine each part and ask yourself, “How does this aspect help to earn the trust of my potential leads?”

Author Ali Amirrezvani

DealerOn CEO and Co-Founder Ali Co-founded DealerOn in 2004 with his brother and Partner, Amir. Ali with 20+ years of experience is considered one of the top minds of Digital Marketing in the industry and a frequently sought public speaker at NADA, Digital Dealer and other industry forums. Ali is focused on achieving growth by directing the company to develop and acquire best of breed products and services, strategic partnerships and being instrumental in attracting and signing up large Auto Groups. Email Ali

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