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Justin Robinson-Prickett

4 Ways Independent Website Analysis Can End Up Misleading You

In the quest to get the best website possible, we often turn to independent website analysts. While these companies will provide you with an audit of your site and a grade for how it performs on specific criteria, it’s less helpful than it seems. This information, devoid of context, can mislead as often as it informs, leaving you with a distorted idea of how effective your site is. Here are four ways that website analysis can end up misleading you.

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10 Strangest Cars Ever Made

Cars have been an integral part of our lives for long enough that we know what’s more or less normal looking and what’s not. Sometimes, in the pursuit of a specific design goal, the cars get really weird. Today, for a little fun, I’m going to count down my personal picks for the ten strangest cars ever built. Some of these are ideas that came before their time, and others never had a time. And if I missed one, be sure to drop it in the comments. I love a good weird car as much as anyone!

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