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DealerOn at Digital Dealer in Orlando

DealerOn’s team had a great time and a fantastic experience at Digital Dealer in Orlando! We had a chance to talk and socialize with current and potential clients, show off what the company has been working on, and of course, have much more fun than should be allowed.

While we didn’t take nearly as many pictures as we meant to, I’ve posted some of the ones that we did below. Let me know if you have others…we’d love to see them!

For those we didn’t get a chance to meet, we look forward to next time, and as always, feel free to contact us at 877-543-4200 with any questions about online marketing for auto dealerships.

New Technology Makes DealerOn Car Dealer Websites 10 Times Faster

Almost a year and a half ago, Google announced that their search algorithm would begin to include car dealer website load times.  This meant that auto dealerships with slow loading sites would not only lose potential leads from website traffic that “bounced”, but also risked hurting their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

DealerOn originally built their website platform with this in mind, making sure to limit the amount of flash used, keeping big files (images, auto-play videos, sounds) compressed, and closely followed all industry best practice methodologies pioneered by Google and others.

In addition to these basic design rules, DealerOn has recently begun a series of infrastructure hardware and software upgrades, making our dealer websites load ten times faster than they previously were.  The most recent feedback we’ve received on these new site load times is that they are “way faaaster!!” and “blazing”.

Check how fast your car dealership website is loading here.  If you aren’t happy with the results, make sure you talk to your auto dealer website provider to ensure they are doing everything they can to increase the load time of your site, from site architecture to technology upgrades.

Dealership Relevant Keywords

While using Google’s AdWords Keyword tool is a good place to start when you are trying to come up with a keyword list for your dealership online marketing, a lot of people start there, which means your competitors could have a very similar keyword list as your dealership.  To help you stay a step ahead, I want to highlight some of the alternative keyword tools I’ve found.

Facebook has Lexicon, released in April of 2008.  When you enter a keyword or phrase, the tool will count “occurrences of words and phrases” on the Walls of their users.  This can be a great tool to track the trending of keywords your dealership is interested in, but it doesn’t show an actual total.  You need a Facebook login to use the tool, and it appears they are working on a new Lexicon tool in Beta.

Another tool for keyword list generation is Google’s Wonder Wheel search feature.  After conducting a regular Google search for a potential keyword, click on “More Options”, then “Wonder wheel”.  Google will then show you a diagram with related keywords as spokes around your original search.  Click on any of the spokes to expand the diagram, showing related keywords to the spoke you clicked on.

While Google’s AdWords Keyword tool is more in depth than the two tools I’ve talked about here, using alternative keyword list generation tools could possibly expose your dealership to new keywords to use while promoting your auto dealer website.

DealerOn Digital Dealer 2011

DealerOn is on the road this week at the Digital Dealer Conference in Orlando, FL. We are excited to talk with dealers in person not only about the great things we’re doing that can help them increase sales and profit, but also to understand the new challenges they’re facing in 2011.

One way that we’ll be helping dealers make more money in 2011 is with our new Service Website product. We will be unveiling our new Service Website offering at our booth (#100) during the show, so please stop by to see the demo.

The Service Website product will provide dealers with a dedicated website for their service department that is optimized for both search engines and to increase conversion rate. Not only will dealers be able to compete with general auto service centers on Google, but they will be able to generate many more service department appointments than ever before.

With this new product, dealers will have an entire website platform devoted to increasing the profitability of one of their most important profit centers—the service department. Over the last few months we’ve also rolled out some very exciting new aspects to our website platform, so if you’d like to find out how we’re continuing to double or triple our customers’ lead volumes, please stop by booth #100 and talk with one of our representatives.

We hope to see as many of our present and future partners in Orlando as possible this week!

Nissan Certified Website Provider

I am so excited to announce that DealerOn has been selected as a Certified Dealer Website Provider for Nissan North America (NNA).   This certification lets Nissan and Infiniti dealers who use DealerOn’s website and mobile platform know that their sites are NNA compliant and meet NNA’s high standards for performance.

In the first quarter 2011, NNA began evaluating the leading dealer website providers by collecting website analytics from car dealer website companies for their dealerships.  Using this information as well as the provider’s ability to supply regular data, analytics, support and compliant sites, NNA evaluated providers for inclusion in their certification program.

Nissan or Infiniti dealers looking for more information on the partnership between NNA and DealerOn or information on how to maximize their online leads and resulting sales can visit or call DealerOn at 877-543-4200.

All of us at DealerOn are very proud and honored to be recognized as a preferred website provider by Nissan North America.  We look forward to partnering with Nissan and Infiniti dealers across North America to help them to be more successful than ever before.