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New Technology Makes DealerOn Car Dealer Websites 10 Times Faster

Almost a year and a half ago, Google announced that their search algorithm would begin to include car dealer website load times.  This meant that auto dealerships with slow loading sites would not only lose potential leads from website traffic that “bounced”, but also risked hurting their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

DealerOn originally built their website platform with this in mind, making sure to limit the amount of flash used, keeping big files (images, auto-play videos, sounds) compressed, and closely followed all industry best practice methodologies pioneered by Google and others.

In addition to these basic design rules, DealerOn has recently begun a series of infrastructure hardware and software upgrades, making our dealer websites load ten times faster than they previously were.  The most recent feedback we’ve received on these new site load times is that they are “way faaaster!!” and “blazing”.

Check how fast your car dealership website is loading here.  If you aren’t happy with the results, make sure you talk to your auto dealer website provider to ensure they are doing everything they can to increase the load time of your site, from site architecture to technology upgrades.'

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