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Dealership Relevant Keywords

While using Google’s AdWords Keyword tool is a good place to start when you are trying to come up with a keyword list for your dealership online marketing, a lot of people start there, which means your competitors could have a very similar keyword list as your dealership.  To help you stay a step ahead, I want to highlight some of the alternative keyword tools I’ve found.

Facebook has Lexicon, released in April of 2008.  When you enter a keyword or phrase, the tool will count “occurrences of words and phrases” on the Walls of their users.  This can be a great tool to track the trending of keywords your dealership is interested in, but it doesn’t show an actual total.  You need a Facebook login to use the tool, and it appears they are working on a new Lexicon tool in Beta.

Another tool for keyword list generation is Google’s Wonder Wheel search feature.  After conducting a regular Google search for a potential keyword, click on “More Options”, then “Wonder wheel”.  Google will then show you a diagram with related keywords as spokes around your original search.  Click on any of the spokes to expand the diagram, showing related keywords to the spoke you clicked on.

While Google’s AdWords Keyword tool is more in depth than the two tools I’ve talked about here, using alternative keyword list generation tools could possibly expose your dealership to new keywords to use while promoting your auto dealer website.'

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