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Supercharge Your Dealership Website Pricing With PriceStak

Website Pricing With PriceStak
Website Pricing With PriceStak

Combining everything we know about how to make effective price stacks, PriceStak from DealerOn is the newest automotive retailing solution!

Website Pricing With PriceStak

When purchasing a car, price is always one of a customer’s foremost concerns. A clear and transparent price stack is therefore a priority. PriceStak from DealerOn gives dealerships the perfect tool to optimize your price stack for maximum customer satisfaction.

1. The price is clearly displayed and updated in real time

With PriceStak, keeping track of the price is easy. Customers can see the prices and track changes, giving them peace of mind. The transparency helps demonstrate your trustworthiness, leading to repeat business.

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2. The price is in a high visibility area

If the price is hard to find, it undoes all of your hard work. PriceStak keeps the price in a place on the page where your eyes naturally go to: in the bottom right, above the fold. Thanks to a responsive design, the price will be there no matter what device your customers use.

3. Highlighting makes the price easy to read

It’s not just about where you put the price, but how you choose to display it. PriceStak shows the price in an easy-to-read font, slightly larger than surrounding text. Your customers will have no problem reading it. The price needs to be the most visible and readable entry, and with PriceStak, it is.


Customers can see the prices and track changes, giving them peace of mind. The transparency helps demonstrate your trustworthiness, leading to repeat business.


4. Highlight discounts

Discounts are a great way to move a customer along through the sales process. It helps them feel like they’re getting a deal, reinforces a decision to buy, and helps them feel confident afterwards. PriceStak highlights any discounts your customer qualifies for.

5. A good price stack can be understood at a glance

“Scannability” is the term used for this, meaning that a customer can understand everything that’s going on in a price stack with a simple scan of a VDP. This dovetails somewhat with both placement, highlighting, and spacing, but also means keeping the amount of information to a minimum. PriceStak presents only the necessary information in an easy-to-digest way.

6. Perfect on every device

PriceStak is engineered to be attractive and understandable no matter what device your customer uses to access your site. Whether they use desktops, mobile devices, or anything in between, with PriceStak, you’ll know that they can always read and understand your price stacks.

7. For everything else, there’s tooltips

While a stripped down, eye-catching price stack is great for sales, sometimes customers want to get a little deeper. No problem. PriceStak has all of the information in a more complicated stack, but keeps it in tooltips, there for a customer who wants it but invisible for the casual shopper.

PriceStak is a scientifically engineered solution to the problem of effective price stacks. Schedule your demo today and we’ll show you how PriceStak can maximize the effectiveness of your vehicle pricing.

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