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Quality Score Targeting Keywords

Google’s Quality Score play a big role in determining how much your dealership pays for your pay per click (PPC) ad campaign and the location of your ad on the search results page.  The higher the Quality Score, the less your dealership has to pay for the same location on the results page.  Since Quality Score is determined by the relevance of your landing page and the click through rate of your ads, following these simple tips can help improve your dealership’s Quality Score.

Make sure you are targeting only relevant keywords.  Look at the list of search terms people are using when they see your ad.  Drill down on any that aren’t directly related to your dealership, then re-work your keyword list to help make sure your dealership ad isn’t showing for those kind of searches.

Always research the language your future customers are using.  By bidding on and using the words people are searching for will make it more likely they will see and click on your PPC ad.  For example, is the web traffic in your market area searching for “dealer” or “dealership”?  “Chevy” or “Chevrolet”?  These little differences can make a huge difference on your PPC campaign reaching those trying to find your dealership.

Continue to measure and adjust your PPC ad campaign.  Since the search terms people use online continually change, your PPC efforts need to keep changing as well.  When your landing page and ad copy are continually relevant and effective, your Quality Score will benefit.'

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