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We Love SEO So Much, We Wrote a Book On It

By November 22, 2016DealerOn, Press Release


We’ve been kinda busy. Doing what? Writing a book, of course. We asked our Director of Search and Social, Greg Gifford, what dealers needed to know most when it comes to digital marketing. His answer: “Dealers absolutely need local SEO, not just traditional SEO, to make it in today’s world of online searching.” Local SEO is a more complex subset of traditional SEO, and it’s what helps your dealership show up in Google’s search results for the people in your area who are looking online for a new car.

That’s why we wrote this book, called “Local SEO: Signals You Can’t Ignore.” It has four parts, and we’re releasing the first one right now.

  • Part I: On Site Signals
  • Part II: Off Site Signals
  • Part III: Social & Review Signals
  • Part IV: Avoiding Shady SEO

Part I focuses on what kind of optimization needs to happen “on” your site to make sure your local SEO signals are strong. Besides covering the essentials you’ll need to learn for local SEO, we’ll give you the tools to formulate your content strategy – both static and dynamic. Inside the first section of our e-book is also a solid list of blog strategies that your dealership can use. Plus, optimizing your site’s content for local reach is another big part of this section. Plus we cover how your dealership can rank in multiple cities, even if you’re not located in them (especially useful for dealers in large metroplexes with numerous suburbs).

Part II will cover your incoming link signals, as well as citation signals with different directory and listing sites.

Part III deals exclusively with your social media presence, along with how your dealership handles reviews from customers.

Part IV has everything you need to know about avoiding bad SEO and identifying the hucksters looking for a quick buck, but offer no lasting value.

We know, you can’t wait to read it, right? We thought so. Here’s the link to download your free copy now (or just fill out the form to the right). You won’t be disappointed.


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