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Just like you, I’m always trying to do what I do better.  I’ve recently been reading The Corporate Blogging Book by Debbie Weil for a bit of a “back to basics” blogging lesson.  I came across a few good reminders, and wanted to share some with you.

Blogs are used for so many different purposes, but here are some of my favorite uses for auto dealership blogs.

  • Customer Evangelists – Every dealership has those customers that think the world of your dealership and wouldn’t dream of ever doing business anywhere else.  Recruit them to write a brief testimonial as to why they believe your dealership is the best.  Imagine the power this could have over a potential buyer researching your dealership.
  • Status Alerts – Is your dealership awaiting the arrival of a new model line?  Maybe you’re building on to the building?  Either way, blogs are a great way to keep your potential customers aware and updated on the status of things going on in your dealership.
  • Marketing – This one seems pretty standard, but it’s a huge reason behind creating a blog for your dealership.  It often makes your business seem more transparent and, when done correctly, will hopefully increase sales for your dealership.  Your blog should complement the marketing done by your dealership.
  • Community Building – Cover community events that your dealership is involved in.  Sponsor a Little League team?  Let your readers know how the season is going.  Know of any fundraising or community events that your dealership employees are involved in?  Let your community know about it by maintaining a community calendar or just writing about it on your blog.
  • Customer Relations – On the rare occasion you have an issue with a customer, blog about it…but only after you’ve resolved it.  This way, you can explain how your dealership was able to make a situation right, something that potential customers are very interested in.  No business is perfect, so when yours isn’t, show your customers that you know how to fix it.

How does your dealership use their blog?'

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