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Are you missing out on hot leads from your GMB listing?

In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, I share the results of our research into the new Questions and Answers section on Google My Business. Check it out to see the breakdown of questions categories – you’ll be shocked to see how many hot leads go completely ignored! You’ll watch this video and then rush over to your GMB listing to see what you’ve missed…

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Do you have magical customer service?

In this week’s Wednesday Workshop, I share some insight from my recent trip to Disneyland. The entire Disney park experience is magical, and they’ve carefully crafted the customer experience to help wow every guest at the park. From scientific testing of trash can placement to careful training on how to interact with guests, they’ve built an amazing example of customer service that far surpasses anything most businesses even dream of.

Watch this week’s video to shift your perspective on customer service – and how a better customer service experience can help you win more business and keep more loyal customers.

NADA 2019 Mean Tweets

In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we’re continuing our most time-honored tradition… It’s the 2019 edition of NADA mean tweets! WE got several vendors and dealers to read mean tweets that people had written about them, and as always, it’s hilarious.

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