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Stop tracking keywords… Start tracking impressions


In this week’s Wednesday Workshop video, we continue the discussion we started a few weeks ago with our video that talked about customers using different terms to search for dealerships. Once again, we point out that your customers are seeing different search results than what you’re seeing in your rank tracker.

Instead of obsessing over the ranking results, you should start tracking your search impressions. Check out this week’s video for details on how to do it, and why it’s a better gauge for SEO success.


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Topgolf Chicago: Learning & Large Times

Topgolf Chicago: Learning & Large Times

Last week, the DealerOn team headed to the Windy City for a little golf, a few drinks, and a whole lot of learning. Our last adventure in the DealerOn Event Series was in Scottsdale, AZ and it was good to get back in the swing of things.  […]

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Website Conversion 101: Banner Blindness


You’ve heard of the blind leading the blind, but maybe you haven’t heard of the blind ignoring your web banners. It may not be a global epidemic, but it’s a problem every website owner should be aware of, especially since banners are becoming more and more popular […]

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Have you heard about the updates to AdWords Editor?


If you’re a PPC Jedi, chances are you probably use Google’s AdWords Editor. In this week’s video, we talk about the recent updates made to the Editor and why they’re exciting.

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All DealerOn Sites Updated to Serve Over HTTPS


As of Friday, August 4, we’re excited to announce that all DealerOn websites have been updated to serve over HTTPs. This change creates a faster, more secure environment that also assists website rankings on search engines. HTTPS sites prevent intruders from doctoring with data—such as geography, IP […]

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