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How to use Google Q&A to write better website content

In this week’s Wednesday Workshop, Steve revisits Google Questions and Answers… This time, we talk about how you can use the new Q&A feature to help write better content on your dealership website. If you’re getting questions in Q&A, the answers to those questions either aren’t on your site or they’re too hard to find. Let the Q&A section help guide your content creation process and you’ll have a better website.


Welcome back to another Wednesday Workshop from DealerOn. I’m over in the UK, eating fish and chips and drinking a few pints… I mean, I’m speaking at a big search marketing conference down in Brighton… So I’ve brought Steve back to cover this week’s video!

Hey, happy to be back… A few weeks ago, we did a video about Google Q&A that was really popular, and had a lot of questions from dealers asking for more info.

So, I’m gonna jump right back into Q&A to illustrate how dealers can use the questions from Q&A to help improve the content on their site to provide more and better answers to potential customers.

We’ve looked at a ton of dealerships’ Q&As, so we’re going to show a few real examples and lay out how you could write content to answer these questions on your website. Some of them are about appointment scheduling, some are about specific services, but the answers to all of them can be incorporated into your website content.

“My SUV has a recall – do I need to make an appointment to have it serviced?”
We see this one a lot. Recalls are different than your typical vehicle maintenance so a lot of people want to know if they get priority over other customers and if they have to make an appointment at all.

If you have an FAQ page with a Service block or a block about recalls on your Service page, you should definitely include specifics about the appointment process for recalls. This will clear up confusion in Google’s Q&A and save your front-desk personnel from having to answer the same question over and over again.

We also see a lot of questions about basic service offerings. Stuff like:
“Do You Replace Windshields?”
Or “Do you do Smog Checks?”
When you see questions like this, it is time to go and evaluate your service pages and determine if you’re really highlighting all the services you provide or if you’re bucketing everything into a bullet-point list that says stuff like “Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs”.

For a dealer, a bullet-point that says, “Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs” may seem like it covers smog checks and windshield repair, but your potential customers may not be able to find the answers they need on your site, so they head to Q&A instead.
Plus, if you don’t have content about your service offerings on your site, you’re not going to show up in Google searches when potential customers are looking for those specific offerings.

If you see the same question continue to come up about core service offerings, dedicate a block on your Service page to it – or even better, create a dedicated page about that specific service.

Here’s a question that’s another major service lead, “I did not purchase my Camry from your store. May I still bring my 2017 Camry to your store to get ToyotaCare Service? Because you are rated for one of the best Toyota car dealer service places?”

Most Toyota dealers have a dedicated page for ToyotaCare, so go check out your page and make sure you include all the details about the specifics of the package and let everyone know that of course they can bring their car to your dealership for ToyotaCare service.

We see lots of questions about languages spoken at dealerships, or even questions asked in other languages: (show spanish question)
You’ve got to highlight your bilingual employees… but don’t restrict it to just Spanish-speaking employees. If you have employees who speak Urdu, Japanese, or any other language and they can help customers, make sure you’re highlighting that stuff on at least your About page and your FAQ page.
Pro-tip: there are also tons of local citation sources for Spanish-speaking businesses, businesses that speak German, etc… Go nab those, they’ll bring in additional business!

So that’s all the time we have for today. Go get out there, review your Q&As, and start adding useful content to your website. As always, if you’ve got questions or comments, leave em down below and we’ll get back to you shortly. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to come back next week for another Wednesday Workshop from DealerOn.

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Greg Gifford is the Vice President of Search at DealerOn. He has over 16 years of online marketing and web design experience, and has specialized in automotive SEO for the last 8 years, helping hundreds of auto dealers thrive while the industry has struggled during the recession. Greg speaks internationally at both automotive and SEO conferences, teaching thousands of small business owners and marketers how to get their sites to show up higher in local search rankings. Greg also spends his spare time doing freelance website design and SEO for local businesses. He graduated from Southern Methodist University with a BA in Cinema and Communications, and has an obscure movie quote for just about any situation.

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